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The Original Smoke and Spice Companyis proud to present some of the finest culinary products in the land.

Smoked Garlic

Marlborough Garlic is smoked over manuka, bay leaves and rosemary. The unique smoking process imparts incredible flavour to this wonderful bulb. The volatile oils within the bulb are converted to sugar, making the garlic not only sweet but mild, nutty, smokey and infused with rosemary and bay! Used freely like unsmoked garlic, it creates a unique platform of flavours unrivalled in the culinary world.

Original Smoked Seasoning

Marlborough sea salt is smoked by hand, and then tumble roasted with garlic, shallots, coriander and the mighty chilli! The result is one of the finest seasonings in the world. Suitable for both shakers and grinders, our sensational smoked seasoning will enhance all foods, elevating them to the heights of culinary nirvana. nb. Product may contain soybean and soybean products.

Lemon Zinger Seasoning

Just like our Original Seasoning, finished with lemon, fennel and toasted seasame minus the chilli. This seasoning is great for chicken or fish.

You can choose Original, Lemon Zinger, or a combination of the two when you purchase.

Eyecatching, breathtaking, exquisite...

Quite simply, Marlborough Garlic Noir is the essential gourmet garlic ingredient for your next culinary adventure.

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