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About Us

The Original Smoke and Spice Company was set up by Marcus Peters, a chef with over 20 years of cooking on the international stage.

Marcus started smoking large “printanor” garlic bulbs from Marlborough for their high volatile-oil content and strong flavour. They are smoked whole over manuka, bay leaves and rosemary for maximum flavour, while retaining the firmness of the cloves. The resulting garlic is mild, with a slightly nutty, herby flavour along with the expected smokey, woody tones. It adds an extra flavour to many foods.

To follow on from the smoked garlic, Marcus developed a smoked garlic seasoning. Pure New Zealand solar sea salt is hand smoked over manuka wood fires, then tumble roasted with pure New Zealand garlic, shallots, corriander, mustard seed and the mighty chilli. The result is outstanding – a seasoning with complexity and depth of flavour considered by chefs and culinaries the world over to be the finest seasoning ever produced. From seafood to red meats, BBQ to vegetarian, this all-purpose culinary seasoning has a unique plateau of flavours that compliment all savoury foods.

Our newest addition is our fresh and zesty lemon seasoning. Made from Marlborough solar dried sea salt it is lightly smoked with lemon, fennel, sesame and cracked pepper. The lighter flavour is ideal for white meats and seafood.

You can find our products at markets, trade shows and local stockists around New Zealand.

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